We at Addiox can assist:

The Facets system provides you a single solution with the power to help you manage your business today and adapt rapidly to meet tomorrow’s challenges including areas as shown in the image.

Facets ModulesAddiox has proven FACETS™ Center of Excellence (CoE) that delivers professional services to healthcare payers. The CoE has strong IT processes and is supported by healthcare Subject Matter Experts. Our FACETS™ CoE can:

  • Technical Assessments & Troubleshooting
  • Architecture / SOA / EAI Consulting
  • Facets™ Security
  • Infrastructure Assessment & Planning
  • Environment Development and Management
  • Data Conversion Support
  • Provider Configuration issues
  • Facets™ Batch Processing Optimization
  • Third Party Application Integration using Facets™ eXtended Integration (FXI)
  • Performance Tuning
  • EDI Solutions including TriZetto’s HIPAA Gateway®
  • Application Development (interfaces, extracts, extensions)
  • Web Development
  • Business Intelligence, Analytics and Reporting
  • Technical Training

FACETS Key Features:

  • A Best suited solution of the healthcare management
  • A Very demanding for handling managed care products
  • A Very robust and user friendly user interface
  • Allow great security level with the user roles and access level management

Facets (Claims processing system) provides several functionality which is supported under the application group or you can call modules. It helps the organizations to perform their day to day operational work  by utilizing any or all of the application groups.

  • Accounting Application Group
  • Accumulator Application Group
  • Application support Application Group
  • Benefit Configuration Application Group
  • Billing Application Group
  • HIPAA Privacy Application Group
  • Capitation Application Group
  • Claims Process Application Group
  • Claims processing-ITS Application Group
  • Commission Application Group
  • Criteria Application Group
  • Customer Service Application Group
  • Dental Plans Application Group
  • Dental provider agreement Application Group
  • FSA Plan Application Group
  • ITS Application Support
  • ITS Plan Application Group
  • Medical Plan Application Group
  • Provider NetworkX Application Group
  • Provider agreement Application Group
  • Pricing Profile Application Group
  • Provider Application Group
  • Subscriber Application Group
  • Utilization Management Application Group
  • Workflow Configuration Application Group

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