Consulting and Staffing


Addiox ensures the latest and most efficient functionalities and technologies as per your business requirements.

As the Health care continues to evolve, so does the strategic planning process.Our thought leaders and healthcare advisors have hands-on experience helping hundreds of hospitals, systems, medical groups, and other clients across the country not only prepare but implement strategic and business plans based on their distinctive culture, surroundings, and determinations.

The healthcare reimbursement environment is consistently presents new challenges for patients battling serious diseases to access new treatments. It is imperative for manufacturers to consider their reimbursement strategy early on because reimbursement by third-party payors is critical to the commercial success of any product or procedure and development of evidence is now more necessary than ever to gain optimal payor coverage.

• AMISYS Advance™ • FACETS™ • MHC • MetaVance® • PowerMHS and PowerSTEPP • QNXT™ • Xcelys™

• Allscripts™ • Cerner® • Eclipsys® • Epic® • MEDITECH • McKesson® • NextGen® • Siemens®

Our team of nursing and clinical experts evaluates the enactment of hospital departments and identifies opportunities to improve operational efficiency, reduce the cost of operations, and improve services and patient satisfaction. We apply process improvement methodologies including Lean and Six Sigma to identify opportunities to achieve long-lasting results.

Our consulting services are carefully designed to assist all our customers in answering questions concerning their businesses. These are usually the questions which matter today:

  • How can we make our claims business more effective as well as reduce our claims backlogs?
  • How do we implement our government and commercial products in order to maximize speed to the market as we minimize disruptions related to our businesses?
  • How can we improve our customer service delivery?
  • How can we attain higher auto-adjudication rates in making claims?
  • What opportunities are available in reducing costs and attaining administrative efficiency?
  • How can we make sure that we make use of our administrative software to the potential?
  • How can we use the care management technologies to assist us in cutting on our medical costs?
  • How can we cut on our claims backlog through improving our business processes?

At Addiox providing answers to these questions is just the first step in the process. The challenge is to determine how to get there. This is where we play an important role. We are very crucial in assisting our clients in developing and implementing highly comprehensive technology solutions. We make sure that these solutions are not only cost effective but scalable too. That way we are able to meet both your current and future needs.

We will do the following for you:

  • Planning and then execution effective approaches towards implementing all your new software while at the same time reducing associated risks but maximizing return on Investment (ROI).
  • Optimize the processes and configuration to make sure that your business benefits from maximum benefits associated with your enterprise software. This helps meeting market demands and achieving tomorrow’s vision.
  • Improve customer service through increased automation.
  • Information systems integration in matters associated with acquisitions
  • Configure and then implement new benefit plans and products
  • Checking between the new version and present software to identify gaps.
  • We help our clients in planning and managing software upgrades
  • Knowledge transfer to your team member in order to attain great results

We have experts working as consultants in the payer information technology. These experts have deep industry knowledge as well as specialized expertise in the implementation of payer application software. We always apply tested methodologies as well as best practices from several implementations to assist you achieve measurable improvements in performance as well as help you in attaining greatest return in your IT investments.


Information technology is very dynamic in today’s business environment. Business acquisitions and growth require new application and integration technologies and expertise.

It departments which are understaffed are finding it hard to meet the deadlines which to them seem impossible. Nowadays, more than ever before most business organizations are in need of competent IT professionals. These should ideally be people who already have been trained in software and applications used by the companies. These are the software applications that are used in attaining immediate business objectives.  In business success depends on the ability to create the right team at the appropriate time. These are the people who will get a job done.

We have a full-fledged staffing services department with highly qualified experts who have backgrounds in the industry and many years of IT experience. These are the people who provide great insights in solving problems faced by our clients. All our experts are business savvy on top of being highly qualified with technical skills. These are people who always have the desire to exceed all your goals. Our IT staffing experts will help you achieve great success no matter what your need is. This will be made possible within your set budgets.

The following are some of our staff that we provide:

  • Trainers
  • Business Analysts (BA)
  • Program and Project Managers
  • SOA/Enterprise Architects
  • Infrastructure Engineers
  • Web and Application developers
  • EDI specialists
  • Interface and data conversion specialists
  • Database architects
  • QA Consultants
  • Chief Information officers
  • Report developers
  • Consultants on information security

The following are just some of the expertise that our consultants provide to our customers:

 Application Development:

  • VB.NET / C#.NET
  • VBScript / Java Script
  • ETL / SSIS / Microstategy
  • JAVA


Reporting and Data Warehousing

  • Informatica
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • Business Objects
  • RUBI
  • Cognos
  • Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft Report Service
  • SQL Server (Microsoft)


 Infrastructure :

  • Linux
  • Novell
  • MicroSoft SQL Server
  • VM Ware
  • NT Workstation (MicroSoft Windows)
  • NT Server (Microsoft Windows)



  • Mannual / Automation
  • QTP
  • Selenium
  • Mobile Testing
  • ETL Testing
  • Data Testing
  • HP Quality Center
  • HP ALM
  • Cloud Testing