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AddioX Healthcare Information Technology enables clients to focus on growth & development.

Many healthcare clients on the lookout for intensify cost-effectiveness while improving the quality of care are spinning to healthcare IT services. By trading internal functionality with services, clients can modernize their organizational operations to drive bigger productivity, shrink costs and emphasis on mounting their business rather than preserve healthcare IT systems. With the precise healthcare IT services, client can further easily reduce medical loss ratios, improve first pass rate, focus on time-to-market for new products, and ominously reduce the cost of certain administration services & practices. Eventually, healthcare IT services allow our clients to advance the quality of care provided to their customers (members/provider etc.), serving them to separate their organization more sharply from opponents.

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AddioX ® healthcare IT services help payers adapt quickly to market changes. 

In a impulsive and ever-changing healthcare industry, AddioX  healthcare IT services provide payers with more strategic choices for greater competitiveness. AddioX business process services (BPO services) help Insurers meet the demand for special skills, speed up to market for extended offerings, and cut administrative costs. Many of our IT clients have achieved cost reductions of as much as 35-40 percent in claims administration services and 20 percent in overall administrative costs. AddioX healthcare IT also helps rise accuracy in adjudicating claims and exchanging information throughout the organization. AddioX offers services in configuration, front-end, claims administration & adjudication, enrollment and billing. With easy adaptable delivery models, payers can choose to use AddioX’s IT services on an continuing or on demand basis, working with onsite and/or offshore professionals.

AddioX ’s services are reliable – our associates are knowledgeable and experienced about  platforms like Facets™, QNXT™ and QicLink™ as well as other solutions such as NetworkX® ,PowerSTEPP® (XTEN), Amisys, PowerMHS®, PowerMHC® and others.

Healthcare software joined with our IT services delivers a greater solutions.

On top of healthcare IT services, AddioX  provides clients with wide-ranging software support that include healthcare technology consulting for:

  • Claims
  • Core administration
  • Configuration
  • Implementation/Training
  • Medical Management: RNs with UM, CM, DM
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • 5010
  • EDI/HIPAA (837, 834, 835, 820,270-271)
  • Plan Build
  • Membership/Eligibility/Provider/Contracts
  • Documentation
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Workflow/Business Process
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service
  • CMS Business Rules and Requirements (Medicare/Medicaid/Medicare Part D)

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